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Interior Designer Jobs in Mumbai | Receptix

Interior designing is yet another field in which you can showcase your creativity and Mumbai offers enormous opportunities in career growth in this field. Apart from the scope of interior design, there are plenty of jobs in Mumbai for freshers where you can learn, grow and excel in your career.

The interior designers help to turn people’s dream living room or offices in reality with their skill sets. The projects that they have to handle are really vast, these can range from structural alterations to different choices of furnishing which may include curtains or visually appealing wallpapers, etc.

Like any other job, interior designers to have a job purpose which is explained below:

  • They are required to renovate old buildings and help to design new ones too.
  • They also need to do constant research about the new trends that come into the market.

Find the list of more than 100 interior designer jobs in Mumbai.

Job Duties of an Interior Designer

  • They are required to design interior spaces which can include detailing in the rooms and some temporary elements.
  • An interior designer needs to meet and take down the requirements of clients through meetings.
  • Along with preparing rough designs, they are required to produce sketches, drawings, and computer-aided design programs.
  • They don’t just have to put down their designs on a paper but they are also required to communicate designs and its concept to the clients and take their ideas on it.
  • Along with the design, they have to select a proper color palette to create eye-catching designs for clients.
  • Their work doesn’t end here, they need to set a specific budget too for the project.
  • After they have negotiated the overall cost they are required to set a definite deadline
  • The interior designers have to negotiate for various materials that will be used and the labor.
  • Their job might seem to be really fancy, easy and creative but it is not the case every time, they are also required to maintain relationships with vendors and other contractors. For that, they have to participate in regular networking too.
  • They have to adhere to the government policies too while they design the structure

Interior Designer Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Interior Design,
  • Architecture,
  • Creativity,
  • Teamwork, Mathematics, Budgets,
  • Research, Negotiation, Written and Verbal Communication,
  • Knowledge of Local Codes.

The interior designers are mainly employed by different consultancies and companies.

As they have to play around the designing of the rooms, therefore, they get a chance to meet a lot of people around the globe. And when these interior designers have made their mark in the industry then they can easily get more individual projects upon their rapport with the big companies.

To make a career in this field, the person must have a bachelor’s degree in the same and further his or her skills comes into action.

This field is really creative and demands people to be always upgraded with the latest trends in the industry.

And if you think that if you have the required skills and you can make a normal room look like a dream room then this job might be your dream job. A lot of people want to do the job in the dream city i.e Mumbai. But the questions arise on how to grab a job opportunity as Interior designer jobs in Mumbai.

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