Thursday 2 July 2020
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Insults that you can bring back

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Every person knows a prime insult even though the personal decorum rules prohibit its usage. Insults may range from being cheeky or rude and those that involve racism, swearing, and derogatory comments based on gender and appearance. Make sure that you deal with bad language and verbal abuse with a zero tolerance policy and deal with this behavior with definite sanctions. While dealing with unwanted behavior, do not react on a personal level and stay calm, no matter how upset or angry you feel. Verbal insults are normally revenge-seeking or power-seeking behavior. People may test the waters and see how far they can go.

Respect shouldn’t be begged but should be earned. To gain respect you should learn to show respect. Quite often, many think that they can act in a nasty manner whenever they want to be. Some classic examples include mother-in-law emotionally and verbally abusing her daughter-in-law or a husband insulting his wife or vice versa or relatives throwing derogatory statements or boss insulting an employee repeatedly. Every person should be put in the right place if he gets nasty. There are many ways to deal with verbal abuse.

Deal with insults

There are a few ways to deal with insults. Ignorance is bliss. When you know an insecure adult is trying to pull you down or you are feeling insecure then just turn a deaf ear. There can be nothing more insulting than allowing the person frit, crib, and fume without much acknowledgment. Do not always allow people to insult you. Instead of keeping your face down, confront the person. Ask the person what is his problem and the reason for his behavior. Even if theconfrontation with that person does not yield positive healthy conversations, hit back him personally. Let him understand the way it feels and how that person has made you feel. This may or may not be effective;but, you can certainly give it a try.

Be Nice

Being nice is a tough one. If a person makes you feel bad and make you look goodwith their abusive taunts or language, it is really difficult to be nice. When a person insults you, he knows sub-consciously that you will insult him back. This is the reason why people feel like insulting people repeatedly in the very first place. It has been found that insulting people are emotionally weak and insecure inside. You can be very nice to them and win them over with a genuine and caring attitude. This may sound difficult but will work.