Thursday 2 July 2020
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How To Help Fido Deal With Anxiety When Boarding Him

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Pets often feel stressed when they are separated from their owners, more so when they are booked in a pet boarding Apex NC facility. As a pet owner, it can hard to leave your pets knowing they are anxious. Here are different ways to help ease their separation anxiety (and yours too!) 

#1 – Speak With An Expert

You may need to consult an animal behaviorist or your vet about your pet’s condition to see where their anxiety issues stem from. 

#2 – Training

Sometimes pets just need some training to get used to your absence. For example, start leaving them alone for an hour and gradually increase the time you away until they begin to feel more comfortable without your constant presence. 

#3 – Pet Day Care

Introduce them to the pet boarding Apex NC staff slowly. Do this by leaving them at pet daycare a few times a week so that they become more familiar with the location and the staff members. 

#4 – Socialize

Another way to ease separation anxiety is to socialize your pet with other pets. This can be done during pet daycare where they find comfort among other animals during their stay. 

#5 – Tell The Staff About Your Concerns

The caring, loving, and friendly staff members of your chosen boarding facility will understand your concerns. They can even have their own methods of helping your pet cope while you are away. 

#6 – Regular Exercise

Anxiety can be the result of pent-up energy. Make sure that the kennel includes daily exercises in your pet’s routine to get rid of excess energy. 

#7 – Snack Time

Pack a few of their favorite snacks and treats for their stay. Instruct the caretakers to give your pet a treat once in a while to calm them down and keep them occupied. 

#8 – Favorite Toys

Don’t forget to pack their favorite toys and blankets along too. The familiarity of these object can help keep them calm, even when you are not around. 

#9 – Soothing Lavender

Sometimes pets appreciate the smell of lavender because it is very relaxing. A little dab on their collar might just do the trick and relieve their anxiety. 

#10 – Experienced Staff Members

Observe the staff members during pet daycare to see if they can sense when your pet or other pets are starting to feel anxious. Having people like this will greatly help in keeping your pet feel safe and secure. 

#11 – Single Kennel Adjustment

Let your pet feel comfortable in a small space such as that inside of a kennel before their boarding days. Having their personal space may help them feel calm and less stressed in the boarding facility. 

#12 – The Old Shirt Trick

Sometimes your pet just needs to take in your scent to keep calm. If this is the case make sure to pack an old t-shirt or pillow that smells like you so that they can sniff it and feel like you are there with them.

At Harmony Animal Hospital our pet boarding Apex NC facility is a safe place for your pets. We only hire the best people who genuinely care for animals.