Monday 18 November 2019
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Finding the Best Renovation Package Options for You

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Kitchen Islands have been very popular with open houses in recent years. They give an extra dimension and visually define the cooking space from the living room or dining room. That way you can stay in touch with the guests without seeing what happens in the kitchen. To install a kitchen island, you must have enough space. If this is not the case, you can also opt for a mobile or semi-open kitchen island. The hdb renovation package singapore happens to be essential.

Useful Distances And Kitchen Dimensions

The list below contains an overview of the most ergonomic dimensions and distances of different kitchen elements. You will see that the height of the worktop does not always match that of the sink or hob. This has to do with practical, aesthetic, technical and budgetary reasons. Choosing an average between the different distances is often the best solution.

A detached island or kitchen island is indispensable in today’s kitchen. It provides an open feeling during cooking and closes open kitchens from the living room. Depending on the available space and personal taste, you can integrate the hob, sink and even seats in the island. You can read here how you can design the perfect kitchen island.

Plan A Kitchen Island: Is There Sufficient Space?

Not every kitchen is suitable for placing a kitchen island. Due to an impractical or too small space, you will sometimes have to opt for a half-open island as shown in the photo below. A free-standing kitchen island in a small space will provide a claustrophobic feeling and lack of freedom of movement. This certainly cannot be the intention because a kitchen island is just as popular because of its openness and sense of space. If you are not sure, you can mark the island on the floor and place some boxes where you think it will be tight. Also refer to the recommended minimum dimensions later in this article.

Kitchen Island With Table – Chairs Or Bar Stools

If you have enough space in the kitchen, a sitting function on your island is certainly worth considering. Whether it should serve as a full-fledged dining area or just for a quick bite, some seats always come in handy and bring out the homely atmosphere.

Kitchen island with table

In the design of this kitchen, a full table was combined with the kitchen island. If you choose a normal table height of 70 centimeters, you will always have to work with 2 level differences. This is less tight than one straight line but ensures that you can combine 2 materials with each other as with the island above.

Kitchen island with bar stools

For this kitchen, the choice was made for elevated chairs so that the worktop and the dining table continue as a whole. Seats along both sides of the island make it pleasant to communicate with each other.

Natural daylight is the ideal way to wake up well in the morning. Install extra windows to bring in light. Skylights are the easiest way for daylight in the attic room. Another way is to install a dormer window. The costs will increase as a result, but you will receive extra space as a bonus point.