Thursday 6 August 2020
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Crude Oil Filtration Solutions

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We are familiar with the diesel or gasoline we put in our car and the fuel oil we use to keep our homes warm in winter or cook food. But, have you ever wondered where they come from?  These different types of products that make our lives go round are derived from crude oil, extracted from deposits deep under the earth.

Although there are many types of products derived from crude oil, the most widely used product is the fuel used for transportation (diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, etc.). This comprises of about ¾ of the commercial use of crude oil. Another widely used product made from crude oil is lubricants used for smooth movement of machinery and combustion motors.

In lay man’s terms, the crude oil is a mixture of all these energies; however, they cannot be used in its raw form as it contains numerous impurities. To meet the requirement of the end users, the crude oil must be treated and refined through a process known as crude oil filtration.

To be more specific, the crude oil contains a high number of hydrocarbon molecules, which can be easily dissolved in a gaseous state. They may be present in varying proportions based on the deposits. While some crude oils may be black and thick, there might be others that are lighter and more fluid based. Sometimes they might include sulfur or acids that can be highly toxic at times.

How is crude oil filtered?

Refinery companies use different types of crude oil filtration solutions to remove the unwanted solid and liquid contaminants. Various types of filtration systems may be used in the different stage of oil filtration to purify the crude oil.

The most widely used equipment for oil filtration are strainers that help in removing the solid contaminants. For finer oil filtration, different technologies may be used to remove the smaller particles and liquid contaminants.

Crude oil filtration by Advanz Industrial

Advanz Industrial is one of the premier filtration companies in Canada, with offices in Mexico, USA, and Canada. They offer a plethora of filtration equipment for oil and gas. When it comes to solutions for oil filtration by Advanz Industrial, the customers can choose from the different options available.  

Advanz offers both temporary and permanent strainers to remove coarse contaminants from the crude oil. The strainers may vary based on the type of industry, and the kind of end products derived. The temporary strainers are cone-shaped, and they are used to remove contaminants from the new pipelines.