Sunday 7 June 2020
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Benefits of dog tricks to you and your dog

The dogs can learn many new tricks when they are motivated and are willing to work. The rewarding part to learn and make him perform a trick is making you smile. When you want to teach tricks to your dog, then give him a treat. It is fun for him to learn instead of practicing obedience training. Additionally, it builds a very strong relationship between you and your dog. Trick training is a fun and a positive thing and it can be used for redirecting the energy of a dog to useful behaviors. The dog can learn that socialization and communication can lead to positive results. The benefits of dog tricks such as rollover are given elaborately in

RollOver trick

Roll Over is an underestimated and a classic trick. Dogs do not prefer to expose their belly and thus, you may face trouble to learn this one. Remember the treats and also the positives. You shall soon understand that rollover is a rewarding and a fun trick. Similar to the spin trick, keep the nose of the dog glued to the treat. This shall help him in learning the trick. You should mark the behavior with a treat. Once your pet shifts the weight to the other side, attract him and say him to roll over. Reward the progress of your dog with a yummy treat.

How to learn the tricks

Learn the tricks in a step-by-step manner. If your pet is facing problem to complete or learn a trick, break the treats into smaller parts. This training process is known as bridging. Bridging is built on several small steps and the dog can understand them once all the small steps are put together. The daily basic training acts as a bridge when you try teaching your dog new tricks. If your pet is quite familiar with the command down, then he will definitely understand the trick roll over.

When your dog is learning the new tricks, use the high-value treats for motivating it. Youmust reward the dog with verbal praise and treats can make a dog behave well. Ensure that the dog is doing the behavior that you want. Besides the treats, yes word and a click can help you in understanding the thing you want from a dog. Keep the training positive. Learning the tricks should not make the dog feel overburdened. If you log onto, you will be able to gather more information regarding the tricks.