Saturday 4 July 2020
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An Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Size of Pearl Earrings You Will Look Great In!

Every lady has a different taste especially when it comes to pearl earrings. Even the choice of size can vary from one individual to the other. For instance, one may desire for larger pearl earring set to make their statement while others may want just small set for routine wear.

Here, it is important to remember here that almost all the pearls are generally sold either in 0.5mm size increments or of 1mm. You can get any size of the pearl earrings you want right at Let us now help you find out what size of pearl earrings can be best suitable for you. Read on to know!

6-7 mm

This size of pearl earrings can be quite appropriate for older teens to young women. When choosing the size of earrings, you must even consider your face’s size along with your ear loves. These factors will definitely influence your selection.

7-8 mm

This size is believed to be quintessential or classic size of the pearl earrings. In fact, this size never goes out of fashion. This safe size of pearl earrings can turn out to be lovely gifts for new mother or new bride or for any special occasion.

8-9 mm

This size of pearl earrings reflects ultimate style, grace, success, and sophistication. If you too want to make your own statement wherever you go, you can choose this size of earrings and stand out among other women!

9-10 mm

This is the best size to choose especially for queenly pearls. They are perfect for any special occasion. As a matter of fact, this size of earrings is regarded as heirloom jewellery piece. They are wrapped in luxury, beauty, and grandeur.

10-11 mm

While previously, this size of earrings was worn just by mature and powerful women, today, you can easily notice them on nearly all women regardless of their age. They are ideal for formal night outs.

Pearls are ought to attract everyone’s attention. Choosing the right size is the key to grab plenty of attention since they are surely going to enhance your beauty like nothing else!